Importing into Daz3D

First of all welcome to, i’m going to show you how to import models from this site into Daz3D

  1. Choose the model of your choice and click the download button under the presentation picture.

2. After download has finished locate the file right click on it and extract it’s content using winrar, 7zip etc.

3. After you’ve extracted open up Daz studio and click the FILE button and IMPORT

4. A small window will pop up asking us what do we want to import, so now we have to locate the files we just extracted on STEP 3, in our case we will use the .OBJ file this works well with Daz3D, click open after selecting the file (other software may work best with other file types so experiment).

5. After clicking the open button another window will pop up “OBJ Import option” if you’re an advanced user and want custom setting go ahead, for the purpose of this tutotial just click ACCEPT.

6. Now we just imported a 3D model into Daz but it looks wierd because we need to make some changes and add out texture which is locate in the same folder as our .OBJ file, so click on the object to highlight it > after highlighting the object select the surfaces tab located in the right of the EDITOR > click on the object again in the EDITOR > and lastly click on the small arrow pointing down and select BROWSE, this will allow us select a texture for our object.

7. A small windows will pop up asking us to select the file that we want to use as a TEXTURE for this current object, select the .PNG file provided in the folder we extracted on STEP 3 and click OPEN.

8. Now we’ve just imported a texture for out object, now we need to fix the object’s rotation so in order to do this we need to click the PARAMETERS tab and locate “X ROTATE” this will tell us our objects current X rotation so we need to modify this and type in -90 degrees as shown in the picture (play around with different setting if you find that the object is not scaled or rotated correctly to your current scene).

9. Now that we have out object rotated to the correct position we can render it by pressing CTRL + R.

10. Play around with scale, reflections, lightning etc to achieve the best settings for your SCENE, you can find tutorials on Youtube, forums and blogs.

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