Importing into DAZ 3D

Not all models from this site import into DAZ 3D with a texture for some reason so here is a small tutorial on how to properly import models:


1. Download the model of your choice.



2. Extract the .ZIP archive.



3.Open DAZ 3D and go to FILE > IMPORT.



4.Go to where you've downloaded the file and select the .OBJ or the format of your choice ( in this case we will use the .OBJ file ).



5.After importing the file select it from Scene tab and after that go to Surfaces tab and click on the object and select base color and click on the small arrow.



6.After clicking the arrow a small window will appear, select BROWSE and then select the texture from within the model folder you've downloaded.


7. You're DONE the model should now use the texture selected.



8.Using the Parameter tab tweak the settings to your liking.


Posted By: MCIgames

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